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Went with my youngest to see the Hepworth at Tate Britain and was impressed yet again. We also took a wander around the rest of the gallery, including the Turner and the Henry Moore sections. These are all free and well worth a visit even if you don’t fancy the exhibition that’s showing or just don’t want to pay for your art.

tate britain millbank entrance_0

Hepworth: Oval sculpture II
Hepworth: Oval sculpture II
Hepworth: Pelagos
Hepworth: Pelagos
Hepworth: Doves
Hepworth: Doves

The first part of the Mackie commission is still impressive to walk within.   IMG_0596

But the Henry Moore rooms were wonderful – there is something magical about such very large sculptures that turn us all back into small children.

IMG_0597 IMG_0598 IMG_0599

Sculpture is so very interactive. You have to move around it, look through all of the holes and, with th every best pieces, long to touch.



From the largest Henry Moore to the smallest sculpture imaginable, it was all wonderful and gave my girl lots of ideas for the latest art project.


IMG_0602 IMG_0603  We even found some Barbara Hepworth left out of the main exhibition for some reason.IMG_0605As well as works by her partner.

IMG_0611The Turner legacy led to the founding of the museum and is obviously a world class collection. It’s always interesting to see the development of an artist as they move through life.

IMG_0609 IMG_0606 IMG_0607I’m not at all convinced by the last exhibition’s suggestion that he remained figurative with not a hint of abstract. IMG_0608 And on a leisurely afternoon, the building itself is just a pleasure to mooch about with a couple of good cafes as well.


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